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Presidents' Day Sale now going on! Save extra 20% on select items throughout the site with code "pres20"* Exclusions apply.

Presidents' Day Sale now going on! Save extra 20% on select items throughout the site with code "pres20"* Exclusions apply.

Presidents' Day Sale now going on! Save extra 20% on select items throughout the site with code "pres20"* Exclusions apply.

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Pro-Form Program

Pro-Form Program Is Available, for more info please call Brian @ 1-866-541-7787 Or email Brian@coloradoskishop.com.

The pro-form program allows registered patrollers to take advantage of exceptional pricing on ski and snowboard equipment. We are very lucky that many of our ski shops are willing to share their time and talent to help us get into the right equipment at great pricing. Be aware however, not all manufacturers get involved in this program, nor do all the ski shops take an active role. Also, the ski shop is not responsible for what the manufacturer sends to them on your pro-form. Therefore, if the order comes in wrong, remember to be kind and polite at all times. This program benefits you, not the retail shop. Except maybe for an occasional plug for the store you got your gear at.

Patroller Verification Forms will be available for download on the Region web site. They will need to be signed by him or her with one per member. If you will get equipment from more than one shop – contact me.

All questions and/or complaints should come to me and not to the dealer. I will attempt to answer all of the questions that you may have concerning the pro-form program. Contact me if I have failed to list a shop in your area. I will contact them directly on behalf of the Western Region to ask if they would be willing to participate in the pro-form program. Remember that often there are pro-form reps within your Patrol or instructor ranks. These people are often more flexible than some retail stores are allowed to be.

The steps for purchasing equipment on pro-form:

  1. Obtain a Patroller Verification Form from your PR.
  2. Arrange to have your Patrol Representative sign it.
  3. Call one or more of the participating ski shops to arrange a time to come in and look at equipment. Let them know you are a ski patroller who is looking to buy equipment with the pro-form.
  4. Go to the ski shop and be sure to bring your Patroller Verification Form, your Ski Patrol Member Card and picture identification. The ski shop may or may not ask for these.
  5. At the ski shop pick out the equipment that you are going to buy. Make sure you have any sizes correct because most manufactures will NOT make exchanges nor will the ski shops. Not all equipment is available on pro-form. Be sure to be courteous to the ski shop staff, you are not a paying customer and their participation is voluntary.
  6. After you have picked out the equipment, the ski shop will provide you with the manufacturer's pro-form. Sometimes the ski shop will have to refer you to the manufacturer's rep to get the pro-form. The pro-form should be signed by either the ski shop or the manufacturer's rep depending on the manufacturer.
  7. At this point the ski shop is out of the loop. Fill out the pro-form and follow any instructions on the form. Each form will be slightly different. Some will have you fax the form to the manufacturer, some will have you mail them.
  8. Here is the last step, wait for your equipment to be shipped to you. You will be tempted to camp out by the mailbox; just remember that some manufacturers may take a couple of weeks to process your order.