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Bike | Services

Basic Tune: $59+
Deluxe Tune: $99+
Pro Tune: $125+

Need Help building a bike you bought? We can help. Prices vary depending on Bike
average $100-$200

Individual Services Available: Pricing Varies

Adjust Brake/ Install Pad V/ Caliper
Adjust Brake/ Install Pad Cantilever or U
Adjust Brake/ Install Pad Disc
Bleed Brake/ Clean Pistons Disc
Overhaul Brake Caliper or Lever Disc
Install Brake V/ Cal
Install Brake Canti/ U
Install Brake Disc Cable Actuated
Install Brake Disc Hydraulic
Install Rotor
Install Cables Gyro BMX
Install Cable Brake Canti/ U
Install Cable Brake V/ Cal/ Disc
Install Cables All 4
Install Brake Cable Internal
True Disc Brake Rotor
Cyclocross Brake Lever Install


Tune Member (2 free in first year)
Clean Bike (Dirty Bike Surcharge)
Bike Check Over / Lubrication
Tune Basic MTN/ Road
Tune Basic BMX
Tune Deluxe MTN/ Road
Tune Deluxe BMX
Tune Expert Road (Pro w/ cable and tape install)
Assemble Bike From Shipping (No Tune-up)
Assemble Tandem From Shipping (No Tune-up)
New Box Build MTN/ Road (from Manufacturer)
New Box Build BMX (from Manufacturer)
New Box Build Tandem (from Manufacturer)
Box bike labor
UPS handling fee

Adjust Bottom Bracket
Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket
Install Cartridge B.B. w/ cranks
Install Bottom Bracket on bare frame
Install 1 pc. crank
Install recall crank
Install chainring (each)
Chainring Install w/ Crank Removal
Install chain
Install freewheel/cassette
Install Pedals
Install Pedals (w/ purchase)
Install Toe Clips and Straps
Overhaul/ Adjust Pedal (each)
Remove/ Re-Install Bearings in Outboard B.B.
Install Bearings in Outboard B.B. (removed from bike)
Install Chain Guide System

Warranty Strip and Rebuild (BSS Bike only)
Complete Overhaul
Complete Overhaul w/ Fork O’haul
Complete Overhaul w/ Fork w/ Rear Suspension
Complete Overhaul w/ Suspension/Bearings/Bleeds
Complete Overhaul Tandem
Pro Build/ Tune MTN/ Road
Pro Build/ Tune BMX
Build/ Pro Tune Tandem
Drivetrain upgrade



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