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Boot fitting

HOW TO FIT A BOOT.. The basics

1. Put your ski sock on. Please make sure it is a ski sock , this will save you a lot of pain down the road.
2. Unbuckle all the buckles and straps
3. Stand up and put your foot in, will holding the tounge of the boot out
4. When you slide your foot in, your toes might touch.. don't worry about it.
5. Buckle all the buckles and strap.
6. Bend your knee hard. HARDER!! No really harder.
7. Your toes should have moved back away from the front. You should have room to wiggle.
8. As you bend your knee you heel should stay put.
9. It should not pinch, bind etc. But remember these are ski boots not sneakers. A comfortable but snug fit is perfect.
10. Relax, wear them around a bit.
11. Go have Fun!!