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Icelantic Maiden 101 Women's Skis - 2022

Icelantic Maiden 101 Women's Skis - 2022

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Icelantic has made the Maiden Lite even lighter it's inbounds counterpart with a Paulownia core. The almost symmetrical profile makes for a playful ride, so your skiing style doesn't have to take a backseat in the backcountry. This year’s Freeride Collection is the second year and a deeper dive into ancient civilizations and the environments that forged them. To know and honor our past is to pave the way for progress and evolution, so as we honor what was, we beckon what will be. We are a global society now more than ever before, and recognizing that we all come from the same land—different as it may look—we all bring knowledge that is vital for human evolution. The Freeride Collection is our storytelling & theme-driven artwork from Travis Parr this season.

Icelantic Maiden 101 Women's Skis - 2022



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