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DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019
DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019 - Image 1 of 0
DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019 - Image 2 of 0
DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019 - Image 1 of 0
DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019 - Image 2 of 0
DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019 - Image 1 of 0
DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019 - Image 2 of 0

DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019

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DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019
At the center of the new Cassiar family offering is the 87mm edition. A perfect choice for everyday resort use where you are 50 percent off-piste and 50 percent on-piste. The Cassiar 87 carries all the performance and refinement DNA of a C2 ski.


This Foundation choice will feel damper and smoother than the Alchemist version, and a bit less reactive and energetic.

  • 127/87/108 | Radius: 19m @189cm

  • 171cm, 178cm, 184cm

  • 1890g per ski average weight @ 184cm
  • 1860g per ski average weight @ 178cm
  • 1685g per ski average weight @ 171cm

Technical Specs

Rocker Type
Rocker Camber

Flex Patterns – It took over 25 flex pattern iterations to get to the special goodness that is found in a C2 chassis ski. The tip is just aggressive enough, but nimble to handle crud and moguls. The middle is firm, and the tail is weighted to thread a precise needle between an ultra- easy exit and energetic propulsion into the next turn.

Sidecut Design – Chassis 2 sidecuts feature a blend of strategically placed radii that make the ski aggressive at the top of the turn, but also incredibly friendly when the ski is off-edge and drifting in mixed snow. That, coupled with varying radii in the tail section, make a C2 ski more friendly off-edge than anything DPS has built to-date in the sub-20m sidecut category. Further, these skis feature relatively high taper angles, which means the ski pulls you deeply into the turn with an immediate, responsive feel. With the introduction of C2, the days when carbon skis were subject to torsion chatter––the feeling of the ski skipping and vibrating in an attempt to match the ski’s designed turn radius––are a thing of the past.

Chassis Design – In ski design, there is a conventional hierarchy of variables that drive the end shape. DPS has re-prioritized and reorganized these drivers so that the design now starts directly under your foot and moves outward to the tip and tail, as opposed to overlaying flex patterns on pre-drawn shapes. The result is an optimized relationship between the flex pattern and sidecut that is perfected through testing, and then mathematically translated across every model in the lineup. The goal is to create a distinct DPS feel that can be sensed in every ski from the Cassiar 82 all the way to the Lotus 124.

Foundation Core | Bi-Phase Bamboo + Poplar – Foundation is a completely reimagined and rebuilt construction category that represents a futuristic approach to ski design. Every model in the Foundation series shares DPS Chassis DNA shaping that yields design and performance consistency from shape-to shape and length-to-length. Foundation employs the absolute best-in-class components from start-to-finish, with top-notch durability. On-snow feel is a wonderful blend of power and dampness that is readily accessible to a wide range of skier profiles.

  • Unidirectional Carbon
  • Triaxial Fiberglass Laminates
  • Ultra-Durable Textured Polyamide Topsheet

  • UHMW Sidewalls

  • Fastest & Hardest World Cup Race Bases

  • Wide Profile Rockwell 48c Steel Edges

Binding Compatibility
We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.

DPS Cassiar F87 Skis Foundation - 2019



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